– Contribute

2016-09-20 |

1) Your ideas will be considered by all Participants, and this is your chance to share your best thoughts as well as the reasons behind them. Without some understanding of your rationale, other Participants may not fully grasp your Observation.


2) In this Activity, you will want time to be your friend. Too much pressure will shift your experience from “interesting and fun” to burdensome. You do not need to enter Observations in every cell, but you will want to do as many as you can. Some Participants prefer to work in pairs, sharing the task over the period of time allowed.


3) Fatigue can become a key factor. Some Participants find that it helps to put some form around this Activity, such as beginning each day by taking on three or four Integrating Ideas Matrix cells.


4) You can come and go out of the program without losing any of your work.


5) If you are struggling with this Activity, you may ask your Facilitation Team to offer a workshop to practice the tasks in.

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