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2016-09-20 |

See A Discussion of Clustering, Patterning, and Exploring for Emergent Ideas to help you better understand this WindTunneling activity.


1) If many of the Participants in your project are centered in the same building, city, or region, you are likely to be getting together to work on this Activity. Working in teams allows us to build on our collective experience and knowledge. As you work with the Observations for each Blue Idea, one at a time, spread out in front of you, you will be seeking patterns, emphasis, themes, and emergent ideas.


Encourage your group to take its time, scribe their ideas clearly on a vertical easel or white board, and consider the entire group of Insights for that Blue Idea. If the ideas are not written on a vertical surface and seen by everyone in the group, key ideas are easily lost. We do think differently when standing up, and we all need to see the whole to optimize the emergent quality of this Activity. It does not matter who in the group enters the group’s Observations into the WindTunnel. Remember that there is no “ownership” of ideas as our work becomes part of the asset base of our commons, of our organization as a whole.


2) Your ideas will be considered by all Participants, and this is your chance to share your best thoughts as well as the reasons behind them. Without some understanding of your rationale, other Participants may not fully grasp your Insight.


3) At the end of the “Contribute” section, you might want to get together with fellow Participants to share stories of interest from your experiences thus far in the process, and ways that you all can see for using this process to explore other complex issues.


4) If you are having trouble with the tasks in this activity, you may want to get together to discuss and practice the clustering, patterning, and emergence work with coaching from your Facilitation Team.


5) As we move into our second and third WindTunneling project, we will become increasingly comfortable and confident in our capacity for imagining, in our ability to document our ideas clearly and effectively. We will enhance our skills in seeing patterns and emergent ideas. As an organization, we will be building our capacity to live more confidently with uncertainty and engage more proactively with a variety of uncertain futures.


6) If you have done this Activity by yourself, it would be valuable for you to get together with other Participants to discuss your Insights. Doing this may allow you to develop your Insights further or to create new ones.


7) As you work, whether alone or in a group, don’t feel that you need to combine or synthesize your Insights. They are usually most valuable when entered as separate Insights so that they capture the full force of the emergent idea.

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