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2016-09-20 |

1) There are no right or wrong, no good or bad answers; nothing is too “far out” or insignificant.


2) We need to be concise in writing our Event Headlines.


3) Although there is no limit to what we can write in the Commentary section, it is helpful to keep our key ideas up front and as concise as is possible without losing the spirit of the idea we have imagined.


4) We are free to create and categorize as many ideas as we wish. Our Facilitator will alert us when the time window for adding Ideas is closed.


5) If Responses are enabled we may respond to as many Ideas as we wish.


6) We will not be able to move ahead to See Outcomes or Assess Events until our Facilitation Team allows us access to those section. This is to assure that we are not influenced by the Ideas of others until we have finished our own work on this section.

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